Om Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Sun is the king of the planets in astrology. He is also called the ‘Father of Stars’. Sun is about 93 million miles away from the Earth. Sun is also called as Surya. The role of Sun is to instill willpower, energy and good fortune in every individual. The sun also ensures everyone lives their life to the fullest. It plays a dominant role in determining the personality, looks, wisdom and achievements of an individual. The zodiac sign of planet Sun is Leo Rashi. He represents the soul, will power, father, paternal relations, the king or the high officials. Its hot and angry, colour is red, metal is gold and gem is ruby. Sun represents the eastern direction.

This is the center of existence. In astrology it symbolizes everything we are trying to become, the center around which all our activity in life revolves.

Sun never goes retrograde. Sun is the soul of Kalpurusha, Moon is his mind, Mercury his speech, Mars his strength, Jupiter his knowledge and happiness, Venus his desire or lust, Saturn his misery. Sun absorbs the power and influence of any planet within an orb of 8 ½ degrees of his conjunction. Sun represents the administrative head or Government. The Sun offers us the power of resistance and vitality.  We get up early in the morning and practice ‘Surya Namaskar’ to get the blessings of energy and vitality from Lord Sun. If the Sun is unfavourable in Kundli, the native may be too forceful, lordly, domineering, positively arrogant andextravagant.It is the Sun which gives strength to the other Planets, which is why this Planet occupies a key role in Astrology.

  • Sun rules Leo and 5th house. It spends around 30 days in each sign. In planetary relationship, Sun is friend with Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and enemy with Saturn, Venus, Rahu, and Ketu. Vimshottaridashaof Sun is 6 years and its constellations (nakshatras) are Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttarashadha. Sun is exalted in Aries, and debilitated in the Libra. Its gemstone is Ruby.
  • A strong Sun in the chart indicates good health, good appearance, good or higher education, good employment opportunities, high position in job, leadership and ruling ability, good social status, and materialistic comforts. It may give you career in politics, government job, police, can make you good speaker, administrator, contractor, physician, or pharmacist.
  • Sun is your courage, initiative, ego, intelligence, will power, spirituality, and road to fortune. Since it is a hot planet, it makes you temperamental. Sun is Giver, so it also makes you kind-hearted, good natured, responsible, royal, and optimistic.
  • In the body, Sun represents health, head, body, bone structure, blood, brain, bile, digestion, voice-organ, heart, right eye for males and left eye for females. Strong Sun makes your physically fit and active.
  • Weak Sun gives weak eyesight, headache, digestive disorder, heart trouble, dental problems, bone fracture, fever, high blood pressure, baldness, bone cancer, weak immune system, etc.
  • Sun rules ancestors, and it creates ‘PitraDosha’ in kundali if Sun is aspected/conjuncted by more than one inauspicious planets.

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